Shipping, Packing, & Forms

Shipping, Packing, & Forms

Hello, Smart Grid Participants!

Thank you for your participation in our Smart Grid program. We have provided an instructional video showing how to correctly pack and ship the Smart Grid set.

This video provides instructions for packing the Smart Grid set, starting with the grid construction components, then generators and steam engine at 4:00.

Key aspects of our shipping process:

  • The Smart Grid set is generally shipped in six boxes to each school.
    • Grid construction components are shipped in one large black tote.
    • Four smart homes are shipped in four 20” x 20” boxes lined with foam.
    • Four hand-crank generators and a steam engine are in the final box.
    • A checklist is provided to show you all of the components in the set.
    • As you unpack the set, complete the Condition Form sections regarding the status of the set when it arrived.
  • Typically, the shipment will arrive at a school on a Friday, so that the set can be unpacked, set up, and ready for use in the classroom by the following Monday.
  • Each school will keep the set for two weeks to allow plenty of time to proceed through the curriculum in a timely manner.
  • CeMaST will cover the cost of shipping to and from each Illinois educator. An email of links will be provided for necessary shipping labels and to schedule a pickup with UPS.
  • Schedule UPS to pick up the packed boxes from your school on the Thursday it is scheduled to leave for its next location.
  • Follow the instructions in the video above to guide you through the packing process.
  • Finalize the Condition Form as soon as you pack up the set for shipment, and email or fax the form to CeMaST before it ships.
  • Email, fax, or mail your completed School Visit Stipend Form and Feedback Form after your school visit. Both forms are available within your account on the Smart Grid Portal.

If you have any questions concerning the packing or shipping process, please feel free to contact our office.