Training Opportunities

Training Opportunities

Step 1 – Attend a Smart Grid for Schools Training Session

Training is encouraged for formal and informal educators who would like to use Smart Grid materials. There is a stipend for Illinois teachers attending training on digital materials or training on hands-on materials. (Any educator is welcome to be trained, but we can only pay stipends to Illinois teachers.) Teachers are welcome to attend multiple workshops.

Advance registration is required. To register for a workshop, please follow the link provided below to submit name, contact, and school information.

Training on Hands-On Materials

No hands-on workshops are presently scheduled, but we anticipate several in Spring 2022.

Training on Digital Materials

No digital materials workshops are presently scheduled, but we anticipate several come Spring.

All Smart Grid for Schools workshops are interactive. Active participation and engaged conversation is required of all participants.

Attendees at hands-on workshops are required to follow the local and university health recommendations in place at the time of the training.


Step 2 – Schedule Hands-on Exhibits to Visit Your Illinois School (optional)

Completing the Booking Form online will allow you to choose materials and preferred dates. Once you complete the form, our staff will contact you by e-mail to confirm dates and details.


Step 3 – Implement in Your Classroom

Curriculum is available at multiple grade levels for each learning tool. In addition to the easy-to-access curriculum linked below, educators who already have experience with Smart Grid for Schools might be interested in using our online curriculum builders.


Step 4 – Complete Follow-Up Forms & Surveys

We understand that planning for, packing, and unpacking materials requires an extra effort from teachers. Illinois educators who use one or more tools in their classrooms and who complete the appropriate follow-up forms can earn up to an additional $150 stipend in Fall 2021.